Major General (Res.) Prof. Isaac Ben Israel


ben_israel_400x495 Major General (Res.) Prof. Isaac Ben Israel

Born in Tel-Aviv in 1949.

He joined the Israel Air Force (IAF) after graduating high school (1967) and served continuously up to his retirement (2002).

He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy.

During his service in the Israeli Air Force he held several posts in operations, intelligence and weapon development units. His last assignment, at the rank of Major General, was directing Defense R&D Directorate of the MOD. During his service he received the Israeli Defense Award twice.

After retirement from the IDF he joined Tel-Aviv University as a professor, where he founded and is head of the Yuval Neeman Workshop for Science Technology and Security, head of the Program for Security Studies and Chairman of the Interdisciplinary Center for Technology Analysis and Forecasting.

He was a member of the 17th Knesset (Israeli Parliament) and was a member of the Security and Foreign Affairs Committee, Chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee.

He is a member of a number of Board of Directors and wrote many articles and two books on security issues. Currently, Professor Ben-Israel is the Chairman of the Israeli Space Agency (since 2005) and Chairman of the Israel National R&D Council (since 2010).

Prof. Isaac Ben Israel
Member of the EMET Prize Committee since 2011