Prof. Michael Sela


sela_400x495 Prof. Michael Sela

A member of the faculty of the Weizmann Institute of Science since 1950.

He was appointed professor in 1963 and founded the Department of Chemical Immunology. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Biology and the sixth President of the Institute (1975-1985).

He was active in many organizations in Israel and abroad, among them the Israel Society for Biochemistry (president), the Israeli Society for Immunology (chairman), as well as a member of the Budgeting and Planning Committee of the Council for Higher Education.  

He acted as adviser to the World Health Organization and more. He was awarded the Israel Prize in Natural Sciences (1959) for his discovery of synthetic antigens. He also won the Rothschild Prize for Chemistry (1968), the Wolf Prize (1998) and the Belgian Baillet-Latour Health Prize (1997).

His research findings in the areas of immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology were published in more than 700 articles. In the field of drugs he invented Copaxone, the drug for treating multiple sclerosis, and he discovered the synergistic effect against cancer of an antibody and a chemotherapeutic drug.

He was among the first supporters of the Bat Sheva Dance Group and was deeply involved in the Arthur Rubinstein Master Piano Competition.

Prof. Michael Sela
Member of the EMET Prize Committee since establishment