Late Alberto Moscona Nissim


Alberto Moscona Nisim contributed greatly to the state of Israel. The climax of his contribution was the founding of the A.M.N. foundation, which supports the EMET prize awards.

The foundation also sponsors academic and research institutions in Israel, among them the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Haifa and Tel Aviv Universities, and the Medical Centers Assaf Harofeh and Rambam, Haifa.

He was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1916. His father passed away prior to his birth and his mother passed away when he was an infant. His oldest brother decided to start a new life in Mexico and brought with him, his two young siblings. This became the turning point in Alberto's life.

All his life, and during his studies, Alberto worked for his living.  He made his fortune in the Optic business. He was the center of the Jewish congregation and a main part of the Mexican society as a result of his extensive contribution to the community.



Late Alberto Moscona Nissim