Emet Prize Laureates

Prof. Hanan Laskin

2011 Laureates of Emet Prize

In Category: Culture and Art
In Field: Photography


Prof. Hanan Laskin

Jury Statement

“For his pioneering initiatives in the field of teaching Photography, which founded and enabled this to be a recognized discipline in the academic and art world in Israel and for his many years as an educator and mentor and his continuing efforts in developing educating programs geared to higher education.”


Was born in Israel.

After completing his army service he studied art and photography at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and graduated first in his class. He exhibited his personal photographs at galleries and in publications. On his return to Israel he was invited to head the department of photography at Wizo Haifa high school. He taught at the high school and later on academic levels, at institutes including The Art Teaching College, Hadassah College Jerusalem, Bezalel Academy and Shenkar College. He taught photography for many years, he prepared and initiated various high school photography programs preparing the pupils for matriculation exams.

In the beginning of the ‘80’s he created the curriculum for the photography department at Bezalel Academy which was later recognized by the Council of Higher Education as the first B.F.A. Degree in Photography in Israel. He headed the department for 14 years. Later, he was the head of the Design Faculty at Shenkar College during its academic validation by the Council of Higher Education. As head of the Academic Center for Design and Education -Wizo Haifa he led the way for requesting recognition from the Council of Higher Education as an academic institution and granting a Bachelor’s degree in the design and The EMET Prize Awardees for 2008 photography departments.

Today he is leading the inter-disciplinary Master degree program in Design and Photography. He also encouraged the first introduction of digital media studies with photography. He was the first to be awarded a full professorship in photography in Israel. Over the years he continued his personal work in photography, and his photographs have been exhibited in museums, galleries and in publications. He was elected a member of the Arts’ Council and served on panels (including on two for the Israel Prize). He was and still is a visiting professor at Brighton University.

His work awarded him prizes and fellowships, including R.M.I.T., graduate with excellence in Melbourne, Australia, Artist Continuing Education Scholarship (America-Israel Cultural Fund), Israel Museum’s Artist, Teacher and Educator’s Prize, a continuing education scholarship in England from the British Council.