Emet Prize Laureates

Prof. Jacob Ziv

2017 Laureates of Emet Prize

In Category: Exact Sciences
In Field: Computer & Electronic engineering

Prof. Jacob Ziv

Jury Statement

“The Emet Prize is awarded to Prof. Jacob Ziv for his pioneering research in information theory and development of the theoretical and practical infrastructure for data compression, which is used in all modern communications systems.”



Prof. Jacob Ziv was born in Tiberias in 1931. He completed his B.Sc., Engineering Diploma and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at the Technion in Haifa, and in 1962 he received his Sc.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research interests include data compression, information theory and statistical communications. For four years he was a senior research engineer at RAFAEL where he engaged in research and development of communications systems, and in 1962 he became Head of the Communications Division. He was also on the technical staff of Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, before joining the Technion full time, in 1970. Since 2006, he has been Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the Technion.

He held many posts at the Technion, including Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and for five years he chaired the Planning and Grants Committee of the Israel Council of Higher Education. He is a member of the Israel National Academy of Sciences, and served as its President for nine years. He is also a member of the American National Academy of Engineering, the American Academy of Science, the American Philosophical Society and the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. In 1997, he founded the Israel Forum for National Research and Development Infrastructure (TELEM) and chaired the Forum for 15 years.

His work has earned him numerous national and international awards, including the Israel Defense Prize (1973, 1980), the Israel Prize (1993), the Marconi Prize (1995), the IEEE Hamming Medal (1995), the Shannon Award (1997), the Rothschild Prize (2002), the BBVA Foundation Award (2009) and an honorary doctorate from Tel Aviv University (2009).