Emet Prize Laureates

Prof. Yinon Ben-Neriah

2019 Laureates of Emet Prize

In Category: Life Sciences
In Field: Biomedicine

Yinon Ben-Neriah

Jury Statement

“The EMET Prize is awarded to Prof. Yinon Ben-Neriah for his contribution to the understanding of signaling pathways in the immune system’s cells as well as the deciphering of irregular signaling systems in cancer cells, and for the deep systemic understanding that resulted from his research, which helped create a new approach to cancer treatment.”


Prof. Yinon Ben-Neriah, one of Israel’s leading biomedical researchers, reached extraordinary achievements in the research of cancer, including the development of a biological medication for leukemia which has reached a 50% cure rate in a mouse model and is entering now a clinical trial. Before that he achieved a few breakthroughs in cancer research, including deciphering the first molecular link between inflammation and cancer and identification of a new type of smoldering inflammation affecting a quarter of cancer types.

A graduate of Tel Aviv University’s medical school, Ben-Neriah served in the IDF as a field doctor and earned a PhD in immunology from the Weizmann Institute before joining the Hebrew University in 1986 following a research period at MIT under the guidance of Nobel Laureate David Baltimore.

Prof. Ben-Neriah won, among other awards, the Rappaport Prize, for his biomedical research; Columbia University’s Schaefer Research Scholar Award; the Teva Founders Prize, and the Landau Prize.

Since 1995 he holds the Blumenthal Professorial Chair for Basic Cancer Research at the Hebrew University, in 2003 he became a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization, and for the past decade he is chairing the Scientific Board of the Center for Integrative Biological Signaling Studies in the University of Freiburg and is an adjunct professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.