Emet Prize Laureates

Carmela Menashe

2010 Laureates of Emet Prize

In Category: Social Sciences
In Field: Press


Carmela Menashe

Jury Statement

“The Emet Prize is awarded to Carmela Menashe for her continuous and dedicated journalistic work in the fields of security and the army; for covering these fields at the scene and as a high-ranking commentator, for exposing wrongdoings and unacceptable human behavior, which turned her into the unofficial "Complaints Officer" of IDF soldiers and their families.”


Carmela Menashe, Kol Israel's military correspondent, was born in Iraq in 1949. She immigrated to Israel in 1951and grew up in Nahalat Yizthak, Ramat Gan and Givatayim. At the age of 18 she joined the IDF and served at the Nahal's 50th battalion.

Upon her release she started working for Kol Israel. Alongside her work as a secretary in the technical department, she obtained her M.A. with distinction from the Tel-Aviv University. Following an editing and reporting course in Kol Israel she embarked on her journalistic career. She became editor of "Eretz Hemdat" and reporter for the daily program "Kol Zivei Hareshet" and the weekly magazine "Hatur Hashvui".

In 1981 she started her work with the news unit, and two years later she was appointed correspondent for police and criminal matters, and was the first woman in Israel to fill this position. In 1988 she was made military correspondent and was the first woman on the radio in a role that was thus far considered suitable for men only. She also edited and presented the program "Leyeter Bitahon" and was chairperson of the military correspondents' unit at the Journalists' Association, as well as research reporter in the television program "Mabat Sheni".

During all these years she covered the activities of the IDF in depth and followed the decision-making processes at the General Staff, the Ministry of Defense and the military industries, aiming to exercise the public's right to know and to deepen the flow of information and its transparency. She reported from the scene during the two Intifadas, the Gulf War, the whole period leading to the IDF's withdrawal from Lebanon as well as the Second Lebanon War and Operation "Cast Lead". Her reports raised issues such as the honor of people in uniform, and her exposures lead to changes in legislature, orders and norms. For this reason she became the obvious person to turn to when soldiers and their families came across failures, mistakes and wrongdoings by the military system.

Her work won her many awards, among them the Sokolov Award, the Israel Broadcasting Authority's Ilan Roe Award presented by the CEO, the "Ometz" award and an award by the Movement for Quality Government in Israel.