Nomination Forms

Applying process for candidates for 2019 ended

Guidelines for submitting nominees to the EMET prize


Candidates may be submitted for one or more topics. Each candidate should be submitted in a separate form.

The topics for the EMET Prize 2019 are: 

 Exact sciences   - Physics and Space-physics

Life Sciences     - Bio-Medicine

Humanities  -    General history

Social Science    - Political science and Strategy

Arts and Culture     - Translation: Literature, poetry


The deadline for submitting a nominee is: Thursday, April   4 th, 2019 at 4 p.m.

The form is to be filled out online in Hebrew. Please note: Once submitted, the nomination form is final and cannot be edited. 
You can review the form before submitting it.

 Download registration


In addition to filling out the form, you must attach the following documents:

  1. A short resume of the candidate, up to 250 words (in English and Hebrew) only word format.
  2. Field of Research and major professional achievements. Candidate in Culture and Arts category, include those works and achievements for which the nomination is submitted.
  3. Educational background, degrees, titles and main academic achievements.
  4. Professional positions, past and present.
  5. List of publications and/or list of major compositions, artistic, literary, musical or theatrical creations.
  6. Prizes/Honors previously received: please write the name of the prize/honor, when and where it was granted.
  7. Recommendation Letters: Include a minimum three (3) letters of recommendation from professionals in various institutions.

Supporting Material

It is recommended to send in supporting material that could assist the judges, such as: books, journals, papers, etc. (The supporting material will not be returned to the sender, please do not send originals).

The application can be submitted online according to the instructions.

In addition it can be sent by courier or by Israel post messenger to the A.M.N. Foundation’s office:
A.M.N. Foundation - EMET Prize; The Technology Gan Building 1, Entrance B; Malcha, Jerusalem 96951.
Additional information can be received at the Foundation’s office: 02-6783752 or email:


Good luck to the nominees,

Ilana Ashkenazi,
Emet Prize Manager



Document list

The following documents are necessary for nominating a candidate for the EMET Prize: CV, three letters of recommendation, fields of research, degrees, positions held (past and present), list of publications, awards received.

The documents can be uploaded in word or pdf files (doc., docx., rtf.) or pictures.